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Welcome New Drivers

I want to say welcome to URolling. We are better than our competitors, uber and lyft. We offer incentives and more for your valued service to this company. In the process of becoming a driver with us, we will recognize the important qualifications that you bring to this company. These qualifications are valued and will reward you in every way possible.

With our Company, we offer increased wages and recognition for being able to meet the needs of our customers. That may be a baby seat, disable accommodation or extra room for more than 2 passengers. To say that we recognize our drivers is to focus on what service that you are willing to qualify for. We need drivers who have vehicles in the years of 2008 to the present.

We also welcome drivers with Chauffer’s license and drivers who have that extra-large SUV or Van that will accommodate more than 4 Passengers. For these people, there are incentives above and beyond the normal pay range. We are glade to include you to a list of drivers who are valued and capable to be the elites of URolling.

We do have qualification and we do screen for the valued drivers. Our public demands the best of our service to them and as a Corporation, we are here to serve the customers need.

We wish that each and every driver understand that URolling is not bias to any of our drivers or customers. We believe in equal pay, wage and invite you to be a part of the family.