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ABOUT URolling

URolling is a car, van, shutter sharing taxi service who is building a world base ride sharing company around the world. We understand the demands for quality car sharing service and lunch a company catered to our customer's taxi sharing service needs. We too have an App capable of GPS location pick up and destination drop off as well as taxi and shutter touring for people who wants to see the city before experiencing it. Travel can be set up using URolling services to get to the tour location hosted around the world by Youride-Us services. We can have a car drop off, wait for the tour, and pick up after the tour. There are many confused coustomers that travels to other countries and cities who do not know where to go, what happening or how to get transportation. With URolling App and travel guide, we do all the work for you. It could be a one or more hour tour around the city or a drop off at a desired location. Customers can be picked up at the Airport or around the city with our drivers and get a personal driving tour before the hotel and after the hotel.


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Welcome to the most afforable ride sharing service in the world. I am the CEO of URolling and I'm happy to server all your needs and comfort while doing business with our well trained drivers who caters to your needs. I'm there both in the car and at the control of each car, van or shutter that we employ on the road. We have information about tours and events at your finger tips. With our inovative App, we host many sight see tours in every city and state around the world. We love for you to join the fun, relax and enjoy the vacation.

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